What would an amazing story be without amazing characters? We had to make sure we covered all the basics, while also making them interesting.

The characters from Destino Indomable are an amalgamation of other popular or iconic characters from telenovelas. We thought it would be fun for people to recognize the references while also watching them develop in this new story.

-Don Ramiro Jesús Montenegro de la Vega is our standard handsome gentleman. He’s rich (of course), elegant, well spoken, charming and kind. Lots of telenovela characters are like him. We thought it would be fun to make him kind of weak, letting his mother and wife manipulate him. He’s never made a single important choice in his life, and he’s raising his son to be the same.

-Gabriel Gavilán is another stereotypical hunk from telenovelas, but he lies on the other way of the spectrum. While Ramiro is elegant and soft, Gabriel is direct and masculine. Still attractive and charming, but a little dim-witted. He’s often surprised when things don’t go his way.

-Carlota Montenegro de la Vega is a super fun character to write and develop. She obviously takes heavy inspiration from Catalina Creel (Cuna de Lobos) even down to the evil eyepatch. Every story needs that sinister character that pulls all the strings and does terrible things, but thinks they’re doing it for the right reasons.

-Esmeralda, another fun character. She’s that loud and over the top villain we all love to hate. Her main inspiration comes from Soraya Montenegro (María la del Barrio) and Paola Bracho (La Usurpadora). She’s the wife of Ramiro and feels immediately threatened by the main character. Everything she does is out of fear, but she would never see it that way. She’s the one that puts the story into motion with all her evil deeds.

These are just some of the characters, and as you can guess, the dynamic between them has to be strong in order to be believable and engaging. Their personalities are designed to clash with each other, making each interaction a fun train-wreck you can’t look away from.

Their physical appearance it’s also very important. They need to not only look good, but to match their personalities perfectly. The way they dress, what color they choose, hairstyle, it’s all important. But the strongest aspect of a character design is their pose. How they stand and how they’re presented to the player instantly sends a message and tells them what they’re all about. You can show these characters silhouettes and you’d be able to grasp their personalities without much trouble.

Of course, there are other fun characters in Destino Indomable! Such as Doña Carmen, the religious and gossip-loving maid, Rosita, the timid but sweet daughter of Doña Carmen, Rocko, the mysterious hit man with a heart of gold, and many many more!

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