So, what is Destino Indomable about?

When creating this story, our priority was to include as many telenovela tropes as we could, so a lot of research had to be done (watching telenovelas, basically.)

The poor vs the rich. Telenovelas are all about social status and classes. This is a cultural issues not only in Latin America, but in a lot of countries, so that’s why those stories resonate with them. They often portray the poor as noble and naive, while the rich are despicable and cunning. That’s not always the case, and sometimes the roles get shifted, but it’s generally a well established rule. The main point is, that conflicts in telenovelas are often about money.

The make-over. This was mainly popularized by Yo Soy Betty la Fea, but other telenovelas did it as well. Basically, the main character is considered ugly by other characters (for many reasons, not only because of social status). This is seen as a flaw, but there’s always one kind hearted soul that sees the true beauty and falls in love. At some point, the ugly character transforms into a beautiful, clean and attractive person.

The family. In Latin America, family is super important. That’s why movies like Coco hit us right in the heart. So it’s only natural that telenovela stories feature families quite heavily as their focus. Cheating husbands, controlling parents, jealous siblings, demon children. No matter the telenovela, you’ll always find a family conflict somewhere.

The Romance. Of course, the main attractive of a telenovela is the love story. Even the ones that present themselves as more lighthearted or comedic, feature a lot of romance. This is always a high selling point and people often root for their main characters to end up together. Stories of forbidden love are especially effective.

The Suspense. This is also a very important point. Telenovelas often feature murder, betrayal, cheating, lying, etc. This makes the stories somewhat convoluted and hard to follow, but very fun to watch. Also, telenovelas come from radio serials, so they often use cliffhangers and dramatic narration during the episodes. That’s also why the characters tend to think out loud instead of actually showing the effects of the emotion they’re feeling.

With these elements in place, we’ve got the recipe for a perfect telenovela. Obviously, we’re making fun of the tropes, so we crank them up to 11. We also added some other tropes just for good measure: the reality show, paranormal mysteries, cultural references, etc.

How will Destino Indomable end? That’s up to the player to decide! The story can take some wild spins based on their choices, and we have multiple endings to reflect that. Some characters may present themselves in a whole new light.

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