So, you may be wondering, who are we? We’re Megalixir Games!

We live in México (that’s why we’re well versed in telenovelas, they’re a part of our culture.) and are a very small team of designers and artists.

Gerardo García and Sergio Ortiz are the founders, both of them have previously worked on multiple projects and games! However, they always felt that video game development was long and risky (especially in México.) Most Mexican studios don’t last more than five years and never get to release any game they’re working on. That’s why, they decided to make quick games, and release their titles in less than a year.

They both have a lot of experience in managing teams and the process of game developing, so it all came down to find a team. With the help of a programmer/designer and two more illustrators (Visual Novels have more art than you think!) we managed to form Megalixir!

Our first official project is Destino Indomable and in very few time, we’ve managed to make tremendous progress. We know times and budgets are what makes or kills a project, so we never lose sight of that. However, we’re very detail oriented people with a passion for our craft, so we make sure to deliver products of the maximum quality.

We’re a very new studio (only a few months old, in fact!), but we will release this game and many more in the future!

As for the name of the studio, we’re all JRPG fans, so we wanted a fun word (and what’s better than a Megalixir? it can heal both full HP and MP of the whole party!)