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BACKGROUND GENERATION A well known nightmare for illustrators. Most people love to draw characters or even props, but backgrounds are their weakness. And in most visual novels, the backgrounds feature big open shots or cities, rooms with high detail or complex locations. We decided to use renders, here’s why. Unlike an illustration, [...]


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WE ARE MEGALIXIR So, you may be wondering, who are we? We’re Megalixir Games! We live in México (that’s why we’re well versed in telenovelas, they’re a part of our culture.) and are a very small team of designers and artists. Gerardo García and Sergio Ortiz are the founders, both of them [...]


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ARE VISUAL NOVELS VIDEO GAMES? Absolutely! There are many ways to tell stories, and video games are just one of them. The genre of the video game may be closer to a book than it is to a game, but that doesn’t mean that it cannot have some interaction and gameplay elements! [...]


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OUR CHARACTERS What would an amazing story be without amazing characters? We had to make sure we covered all the basics, while also making them interesting. The characters from Destino Indomable are an amalgamation of other popular or iconic characters from telenovelas. We thought it would be fun for people to recognize [...]


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THE STORY OF DESTINO INDOMABLE So, what is Destino Indomable about? When creating this story, our priority was to include as many telenovela tropes as we could, so a lot of research had to be done (watching telenovelas, basically.) The poor vs the rich. Telenovelas are all about social status and classes. This [...]


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CREATING A PROTOTYPE With any game of any genre (or any product, really) if imperative to test it as soon as posible to find out if it works or not, preferably with the intended market. With text-heavy projects, it may be tempting to write the whole script, develop the story, proofread and [...]


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Game Concept Telenovelas can be divisive: you either love them, hate them, or love to hate them, but one thing’s for certain: they’re memorable. That’s why we chose telenovelas as a starting concept for a game. We’ve worked on other Visual Novels in the past, but most of them covered classic themes: [...]