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A wild Visual Novel inspired by the craziest telenovelas! You can expect a lot of humor, drama, romance, horses, Spanglish and slaps! Available soon in multiple platforms! 

We are Megalixir Games!
A visual-novel game studio specialized in visual story-telling, beautiful games and awesome experiences!

In 2019, Megalixir Games was founded by two developers who previously worked on other games (Flat Kingdom), and decided to focus on visual novels for multiple platforms.

After a successful search, we found great artists and developers to join our team and make our games a reality! Our team is small, but it’s filled with talented and passionate people.

The goal was to draw new players who are usually not into heavy-text games with a correct balance between story, comedy, interaction and user experience, while also catering to the hardcore players. We love both playing and making Visual Novels!

We are eternally grateful for all of those who have supported us in the past and continue to do so today!

Let’s keep writing our story together!




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For project inquiries, media or game keys contact@megalixirgames.com